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Bankruptcy, Insolvency & Reorganization

SHAPIRA & Co. stands as one of Israel's most prestigious insolvency teams providing top-quality services in all matters related to the handling of distressed businesses, scheme of arrangements, collection of debts and realization of assets in Israel and abroad.

The handling of distressed companies is a unique practice requiring comprehensive knowledge and wide-ranging experience. At SHAPIRA & Co. our expertise, together with our business and economic discipline, diligence and personal devotion, enables us to grant our cliental service at the highest level with optimal results.

The extensive experience of SHAPIRA & Co. in dealing with complex crises regarding distressed companies includes management of insolvent companies as going concerns, representation of major creditors, initiation and management of scheme of arrangements, realization of assets and litigation.

Unique in our combined commercial and economic approach, SHAPIRA & Co. is recognized for finding the most efficient solutions using intellectual creativity while exercising smart legal and administrative tools to achieve the commercial goals of each project as defined by the client. Obligated to quality and excellence, our team is accustomed to keeping continuous personal communication with the clients to ensure the best results and most professional help in any crisis.

Our firm's outstanding team of professionals is accustomed to spearheading complex projects, defining assignments and timetables and managing co-experts in the areas of each project, including accountants, appraisers and others, towards the specific goal.

The distinguished team of SHAPIRA & Co. has been involved in many of Israel's most significant insolvency cases.

Ofer Shapira, Managing Partner of the firm, represented Bank Leumi and Bank Mizrahi in the receivership and liquidation procedures of Ceasaria Galnoit (Shtichei Carmel), Bank Ha'Poalim in a personal lawsuit in the collapse of Adacom, represented the principal creditors in the scheme of arrangements of Mentergy and Gilat Satellite, participated in the initiation and carry-out scheme of arrangement in Yitzhar Industries and also has been representing since 1993 banks and companies in many numerous cases of debt restructuring, either as part of legal proceedings or in out-of-court settlements.

SHAPIRA & Co.'s experience and comprehensive understanding of international insolvency enables the firm to handle insolvent businesses across-sea as well as cross-border insolvencies. The firm has also acted as the Israeli court-appointed receiver or liquidator (for RichFX, Mercado, Digital Verification and more), operating businesses in different parts of the world with great success. The firm has extensive and solid connections with additional law firms, accountants and economists around the world which enable us to handle insolvency cases anywhere in the world in a professional and effective manner.

SHAPIRA & Co. is a member of Begbies Global Network, the premier global network of professionals working with struggling and declining businesses and comprised of leading lawyers, accountants, forensic investigators, profit improvement consultants and turnaround and restructuring managers all over the globe. This network of professionals allows SHAPIRA & Co. to provide skilled services in connection to businesses with affiliates anywhere in the world.

SHAPIRA & Co. has represented, among others, Bank Leumi in the collapse of the construction company Nidar, the bondholders of Sybil Germany, the trustees of Clubmarket, Electra Group in the collapse of Heftsiba, a group of investors for Vita-Pri-Galiil, Bank Ha'Poalim in a long list of insolvency cases including Ha'Mashbir La'zharchan and Noga Electrotechnique and the collapse of the N.D.C. Group. SHAPIRA & Co. has also represented bond holders in debt restructuring of Engel Europe and five banks in the scheme of arrangement of Leadcom, and more.

Ofer Shapira has been serving as receiver and liquidator for dozens of companies and businesses, including Leadcom Group, Molichei Tevel, Atzmon, Ha'Mefatel, Printlife, CSTI, Levidei Ashkelon and more.

Our client list includes Bank Leumi, Bank Ha'Poalim, Israel Discount Bank, First International Bank of Israel, Menora Mivtachim, Industrial Development Bank, Electra, Clal Factoring, Plenus, Hercules and other institutions.

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SHAPIRA & Co. enjoys extensive experience in representing a wide variety of litigation proceedings, mainly in the fields of corporate law, property law, construction and banking.

Ofer Shapira, the managing partner of the firm, has been leading high-profile litigation in a range of areas including representation of entrepreneurs against construction companies and buyers, representation of construction companies against banks, partners and third parties, representation of the Israel Land Authority against tens of leaseholders, representation of varied property owners in eviction litigation, representation of banks against construction companies and guarantors, litigation between co-partners, and many others.

Fluent in both Hebrew and English SHAPIRA & Co. is capable of representing parties from all over the world in litigation which involves documents, testimonies and cross-examinations in English. Our team has been supporting both parties from Israel in disputes overseas and parties from abroad in the courts of Israel. Our extensive experience in projects overseas bears out our ability to provide our services in any English-speaking jurisdiction or tribunal.

SHAPIRA & Co. is unique in our commercial and economic approach of skilled insistence and firm defense of legal rights, while keeping pathways open for out-of-court settlements. The firm's principal guideline is to manage litigation in a smart and efficient way which achieves not only the goal of the process, but an effective and quick end to any dispute.

SHAPIRA & Co. is accustomed to highly-intensive court appearances, including representations in legal and factual complex cases.

Ofer Shapira, founding partner of the firm, was ranked as one of the top-twenty best litigators of Israel (The Marker Magazine, 2007).


Real Estate

One of the main practices of SHAPIRA & Co. is the accompaniment of real-estate projects, whereby all legal aspects of the projects are handled from inception to fulfillment.

SHAPIRA & Co. provides top-quality legal services in the pursuit of the success of real-estate projects, from the initiation and accompaniment of economical feasibility through the funding procedure, agreements between entrepreneurs and contractors, contracts with financial institutions, selling of apartments and offices, negotiations with suppliers and customers, representation in lawsuits regarding construction defects, handling of all required issues with authorities and more.

Our experienced team, familiar in realization of real-estate assets and management of real-estate projects of insolvent companies or distressed debtors, is skilled in leading real-estate transactions, including organizing projects from their early stages, dealing with the authorities, negotiating with all relevant parties and the handling of contracts and legal proceedings, etc. In this sense, SHAPIRA & Co. provides a unique set of capabilities and special experience for efficient accompaniment of real-estate projects.

Our firm currently accompanies Electra Group in the projects in Ma'ale Adumim and Pardes Hanna and other projects in Israel.

Ofer Shapira, Managing Partner of the firm, has represented many key players in the Israeli real-estate market including the Israel Land Administration in complex litigation processes, Amot Investment and Habas Group in complex real-estate transactions, Ha'Yarkon and Sharbat Brothers in real-estate projects across Israel and in various other litigation matters.

Ofer Shapira has served as a practice-lecturer of Property and Contract Law at Tel Aviv University, and also has served as a practice-lecturer of Property Law in the Interdisciplinary Center Herzliya. Mr. Shapira served for years as a lecturer of real-estate issues in the Building College and as a lecturer in the Advanced Study Institute of the Israeli Bar Association.