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Leadcom Group has successfully finalized the sale of Leadcom Israel, the Israeli subsidiary of Leadcom Integrated Solutions that was active for the last 30 years in the advance and competitive Israeli telecom market to one of Israel's largest holdings groups.

The sale of the activities of Leadcom in Israel will allow Leadcom Integrated Solutions management to concentrate in its growing business in Africa and Latin America and to leverage Leadcom's strengths as a leading System Integrator and Service Provider in the telecommunication infrastructure market.

An Accelerated Recovery Lane:
In the last two years a turnaround plan has been implemented by Ofer Shapira the receiver of the holding company of Leadcom and its CEO Ofer Ahiraz. In the first three quarters of 2011, and following the plan, Leadcom has reached turnover of more than $72 million, producing an unprecedented profit of more than $11.4 million.

Ofer Ahiraz, the CEO of Leadcom Group indicated today that "the deal reflects the high potential of the assets of Leadcom which has succeeded to pass through an accelerated recovery lane and is going to show by the end of this year unprecedented profits."