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Leadcom expands activities in South America

Wins two major Multi Years Contracts for maintenance of cellular sites in Colombia and Bolivia

An important achievement for Israeli telecommunications group Leadcom, which continues to expand its international activity. Leadcom won two major contracts for maintenance of cellular sites for cellular operators in Colombia and Bolivia. According to the terms of the contracts, Leadcom will provide preventative and corrective maintenance services for over 500 sites over an initial two-year period. The deals are valued at approximately $5 million.

The maintenance contracts in Bolivia and Colombia are a reflection of Leadcom's strategy to invest and expand the group's maintenance activity. They follow on the heels of a contract signed in May this year for maintenance of 1,800 sites in Ecuador. These wins strengthen Leadcom's position in South America as a leading company in the field of design, construction and maintenance of cellular sites.

Leadcom is one of the world's largest telecommunications groups. The group operates dozens of subsidiaries in 28 countries worldwide, primarily in Africa, Central and South America. It currently employs more than 600 employees around the world and is a supplier of services in the fields of deployment of telecommunication infrastructures.

In the first nine months of 2011, the Group posted profit unprecedented in its history - over $11 million, higher than Leadcom's profits in any year since it began operating in 2003.

Ofer Ahiraz, CEO of Leadcom Group: "The many contracts Leadcom has won recently are part of Leadcom's strategy to expend its activity in Latin America. Leadcom is now leveraging of being one of the world's leading cellular integrators with large footprint, implementing the high professional standards in the market.."